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When clients call your business telephone system, what voice do you want them to hear? Or, as in most cases, what voice over do you want them to hear? Do you want the voice over to make callers groan with impatience, or confidently relax knowing the voice over provides an efficient and speedy way to reach their destination? Remember–the recorded voice over that greets your callers makes an impression. And first impressions are everything.

Was the voice over produced by a professional, or is it the voice of an amateur? The voice over makes a statement about what kind of business you run and how well you run it. The voice over says a lot about your competence and your commitment to customer service. A dynamic telephone voice over greeting welcomes callers into your business. And you want a memorable voice over that encourages clients to call in again.


Professional Auto Attendant & On-hold Messages

My voice speaks from experience. I’m the voice of dozens of telephone systems at businesses across the country. There are countless voice over producers like me and the computer technology to produce voice overs makes it as easy as cut and paste. A well-produced voice over greeting should not just make a great first impression, but an impression that lasts.

You see, a good voice over greeting takes not just a good voice. Successful voice over producers excel at the concise writing style used on radio and TV. Good writing makes the greeting brief and to the point. Remember it’s not a commercial, Callers hate to wait for their call to get where they want it to go.

A good voice over producer should have access to a professional audio sound-proof control booth. It’s simple to record a voice over greeting by talking through a phone’s mouthpiece. It’ll work, but to create a professional voice over that inspires the caller’s confidence in your business, always go professional. Visit the producer’s studio. Listen to sample audio cuts. Remember who you select will be heard on the greeting; perhaps in voicemail; you may have the producer also create a professional on-hold message.

The voice on your voice overs will become the voice of your business. There’s a lot riding on it. Listen and choose your voice overs carefully.

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  • Voiceover Narration for video

    What distinguishes a PowerPoint or a corporate video presentation?

What would they be without the narrator’s voice? A good, professional voiceover brings video to life. A good storyteller makes a good voice over narrator. The narrator’s voice, coupled with edited video. creates memorable moments that captivate the listener’s ear. Good voice overs don’t dominate; they calmly marry the photographer’s video and the writer’s words to convey meaning, value, and mood. You want your videos to make a point, and nothing nails the point down like a professional narrator’s voice.

I bring years of television and radio experience into the narration and voiceovers I produce for client’s videos. Whether it’s a tribute to an employee, or a corporate sales presentation, or an orientation video for new employees—a good voiceover and good video and good writing combine to create a good, powerful, and memorable video moment.

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  • Voice overs for Commercials

    What’s a sales pitch without a well-trained voice to do the pitching?

The voice, the writing, and the audio and video production all combine to make commercials do what they’re intended to do—SELL! often involve character voices to catch the listener’s ear. Character voice-overs are now referred to as Voice over Acting.

My background uniquely marries the key elements needed for commercial voice overs. At Boston’s Emerson College and Syracuse University, I learned and practiced the difference between conversational narration and voice over acting. In addition, many years of valuable sales training help me deliver the scripts the way that clients want them to be heard. Commercial voice overs often challenge me to go where my voice has never gone before. And getting there is what makes my voice over challenge so much fun!

Narrations & Commercials

  • Awards and Recognition History

    3 time Emmy award winner

  • 1988 First Place, Philadelphia Press Association, Front Page New Jersey
  • 1990 NY Emmy Award, Best Science and Medical Composite
  • 1993 NY Emmy Award, “Pump Up The Volume,” Best Special Project
  • 1995 Certificate of Public Service, American Association for the Blind
  • 1997 Paul R. Ellis Media Award, American Heart Association
  • 2006 Silicon Valley Media Awareness Project, 1st Place
  • 2009 Jersey Shore Public Relations Association, Best Video Production
  • 1989 CINE Golden Eagle, “The Sun of Man,” NJN Documentary about nuclear fusion
  • 1994 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award, “Discover Tomorrow,” Best Long Form Special Project
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The voice of Mister Voicer is the Emmy Award-winning TV science and medical reporter, Marc Levenson, a veteran of over 30 years of broadcast reporting, writing and voiceover production. Marc first studied Voice Acting at Boston’s Emerson College, then went on to graduate from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications. He covered medicine, science and technology for New Jersey Public TV, CNN, CBS, TechTV, and his syndicated TV series, Tech Closeup. Along the way, he earned three Emmy Awards, a CINE Golden Eagle, and numerous local press awards. Now, as MisterVoicer’s voiceover, narration, and writing specialist, Marc lends his skills for TV, documentary, and promotional voiceover projects. He is also the voice heard on dozens of business telephone systems nationwide. Marc is a proud grandfather, avid Yankee fan and devoted caretaker of very funny cats.

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